About Liesbeth

Who am I?
That Psychologist? A good coach? That therapist?

I prefer to call myself a Facilitator – because I am facilitating things.
When I Googled the word, I found it’s even more fitting:

Facilitate | /fəˈsɪlɪteɪt/ | verb
1. To make (an action or process) easy or easier.

In French ‘faciliter’ means: to alleviate, or ‘facile’ means: easy.

I love guiding you through your own personal process. I like to alleviate, make things easier while giving you the support you need, you are not alone!

My business allows me to do all these things, whether it is through Women’s circles, Creatrix® or sharing my knowledge.

On this websites you can find information on all these subjects. I invite you to take a look around, and I would love to meet you, maybe at a Women’s circle, during a Creatrix®-program, a workshop or just to have a chat on Zoom!

Feel free to contact me! See information below: