Free from Limiting Beliefs and other Issues!


Wouldn’t that be great? No more thoughts like: People will think I am ridiculous”, but instead just go dancing in the streets in Unicorn Onesie. Just because you can!

This is one very happy example, and I sincerely hope that this is the kind of result I produce, but even more than that I want to help YOU free yourself from the thoughts that aren’t helping you any further, in work, at home or with relationships. Thoughts like: “I’m not worth it”, or “Nobody wants me”.
What would it mean for you, if you wouldn’t have these kind of thoughts anymore?

We’ve all got them, beliefs that no longer serve us, beliefs that keep us from moving on in life.
Thoughts like “I can’t do it”, or “I should be the perfect girlfriend/mother/wife” can keep you from doing things you REALLY want to achieve in life
Even thoughts like “I should help others”. This sounds really great, but if you hold on to this SO much, that it keeps you from taking care of yourself, this can really be a problem. You can’t serve from an empty cup!

Emotions can also overwhelm us.
YES, we all experience sadness, anger, frustration. But the moment that anger keeps you from seeing straight, or ongoing sadness keeps you from the beauty in life.. Then it’s time to face these issues and get to work!

Are you the woman who’s looking for the thing to make her life BETTER, the woman who strives for more than a “7”, or “things are fine”?

Do you long for GROWTH & POSITIVITY?

Even the limiting belief: “This is just who I am”, or “This is not for me” is something we can take care of.
Stop keeping yourself from the life YOU want to live, take charge, take control!
You are NOT your thoughts, your story, your environment!

Now, it’s time for YOU

What is Creatrix®?

As a Transformologist® I use Creatix®, especially designed for WOMEN.
Why? We take into account hormones, cycle & gender specific trauma.

Everything you need to know about Creatrix® can be found here:
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A Creatrix®-program can be done entirely though Zoom/Skype
Don’t hesitate to call me and book an appointment so we can meet & talk!

I want Creatrix® – What to do?


I am superhappy for you, making a choice to OWN your SHIT, and getting rid of it. Whether it’s your conditioned mind or inherited unresolved trauma, we’ll deal with it!

What’s next?
Book a call with me NOW. We’ll discover what YOUR desired outcome is; What are you longing for? And more important: Are you READY?!

If yes: I will immediately take you through the technicalities and we’ll book our first Sessions!

What do I need from you?
-You are ready to OWN your SHIT and DEAL with it!
-FULL Commitment: no half measures, we are doing this!
-You are willing to face whatever comes up during the process, seeing it through to the end!